Needs Assessment and Evaluation

– Define programme
– Areas of specialty
i.e. Song Writing
– Mentor Partnering
– Creative Project


– Continuous one – on – one sessions
– Group classes

– Create healthy relationships through positive role models
– Redirection through new pathway opportunities

Production Of Work

– NCEA credits through external services
– Further Education
– Employment
– Income Streams

Listen to Marcus Powell talk about the programme in-depth

The CTOA runs a programme that is in direct response to the growing number of young people that are either falling through the cracks of traditional education or are already entangled with Youth Justice and Custody.

The CTOA offers at-risk youth the opportunity to rethink their life choices and make dramatic changes in their lives. The programme we offer is positioned to be most assessable to young people who otherwise would be swept into the juvenile court system or frequent school problems.

The two types of youth we target fall into two categories:

At risk and middle high school students - targeted through the seven high schools in the area.

Young people referred from Youth Justice and Custody and CYFs.

Music and videography mentoring is an ongoing programme available twice a week in East, South and West Auckland for our young people aged 12-24.

We offer one-on-one mentoring with industry respected, successful New Zealand music artists, videographers, producers and audio engineers who are also qualified youth mentors.

The requirements of each young person is individually assessed to deliver a unique mentoring approach appropriate to meet their needs.

After a series of one-on-one mentoring sessions they will then either continue one-on-one mentorship or integrate into group sessions to create, produce and film their material, enabling them to make an income from their finished pieces via iTunes and Spotify.

While our young people are with us they are also gaining important life skills such as;

Collaboration with others (recording engineers and other musicians).

Organisation (e.g. scheduling and running concerts).

Problem solving.

The value of persistence.

Resilience (e.g. rehearsals to get ready or concerts and recording sessions), and of course self-confidence in their abilities.

Our young people will stay with us in the programme until they have transitioned into tertiary education, employment or back into mainstream schooling.

The CTOA works alongside CYFs, Youth, Justice and Custody and the local schools of East, South and West Auckland allowing us to support young people from all life situations.

Jam Cellar sessions held at Corbans Art Estate (West Auckland) is our live performance aspect of the film and music production programme.

The performances are held monthly for our young people to showcase their finished products to a paying audience whilst earning income from tickets they sell themselves.

Our young performers come from West, East and South Auckland to participate in the evening.