AROHA means love but it also means respect.
Treating people with respect means allowing them control: where to meet and on their own terms, and when to meet. Aroha also relates to the information collected. As a participant in the Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa programme, you decide what information will become public and what will stay confidential.

MANA relates to power, dignity and respect.
Kaua e takahia te mana o te tangata “Do not trample on the mana or dignity of a person”. People are the experts on their own lives, including their problems, needs and aspirations. Look for ways to work together.

TITIRO, WHAKARONGO, KORERO means to look, listen and then speak.
When working with our mentors/engineers and producers it’s important to look and listen to develop understanding and find a place to speak from. You need to take time to understand people’s day-to-day realities, priorities and aspirations. This will make your questions relevant.

WHAKA WHANAUNGATANGA refers to the building and maintenance of relationships.
It’s the process of establishing meaningful, reciprocal and whanau or family-like relationships through cultural respect, connectedness and engagement.

MANAAKITANGA describes sharing, hosting and being generous.
It supports collaboration and evaluation and helps knowledge flow both ways between mentor/engineer and participant.

MAHAKI is about showing humility when sharing knowledge.
Mahaki reminds us to share knowledge and experiences to understand each other better and to foster trust in the mentor relationship.

HE KANOHI KITEA means being a familiar face.
You should seek to be involved with communities and be familiar to them to build trust and communication. As part of the CTOA programme you will be encouraged to share your work in a live event and online. This is aimed to build your confidence and educate you with transitional skills.

We have a strict no drug and alcohol policy. We do not discriminate. Your ethical views, moral codes, religious laws, sexuality, and gender will all be respected. Everyone that comes through our doors is family and welcome here