Jam Remix

A Jam Session that puts musicians out of their comfort zone.

“If it’s not a challenge and you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not learning anything”
– David Atai – CTOA

This workshop is for musicians that are wanting to upskill in their craft, through original music making and good old fashioned Jamming.

We’ll be taking songs that participants listen to/enjoy, daily, then re-composing (remix) the music for that song.

Here’s how it this works.
  • We pick a song that everybody is familiar with but doesn’t know how to play, then using our combined knowledge, we figure out what key the song is in and what the chords are.
  • We’ll then learn the lyrics and vocal melodies (thank you Google)
  • Now, we reinvent the song.
  • We’re aiming for a mindset of, “if this song could be done better, what would we do?
Here’s how to be involved
Step one
  • Register with CTOA at the Mentor Programme page
  • Registration ends on the last Friday, before the workshop starts. For
    example, the first Jam starts on the 5th of November 2018. So,
    participants will need to be registered before Friday the 2nd of
Step two
  • We will send through one more registration form for the workshop
  • Once you’ve completed the form, a Mentor will contact you to gather some more info
Step Three
  • Find the workshop period that you can commit, too.
  • When you arrive you’ll meet with one of our mentors.

All done, see you soon.

CTOA Poster Jam Remix

Lesson Plan

Day 1 –
  • Meet with the team that you will be working with.
  • Introductions
  • Walk through lesson plans.
  • Together, you and our mentor/s will discover the level of your musical skills and put together a plan to help you improve your skills.
  • Choose the song that we ‘re all comfortable with
  • Prep for next session

Day 2 –
  • Learn the song
    • Tempo
    • Key
    • Chord progression
    • Song arrangement
    • Lyrics
  • Prep for next session


Day 3 –
  • Practice the song
  • (We’re not looking for perfection here)


Day 4 –
  • Theory
    • Learning more about chord progression to help us discover the new chord progression
    • Create new chord progression for the Chorus
  • Prep For next session

Day 5 –
  • Rehearsal
  • Film rehearsal


Day 6 –
  • Sound Check
    • Learn to set up for Live recording


Day  7 –
  • One take recordings
  • Filming (Mentee needed-Martina?)
  • Let’s see how you sound, from start to finish, without stopping.
  • With this recording you’ll be able to hear your instrument or voice in an isolated setting.
  • Then we can give creative feedback to each other, and tips on how to improve.


Last step
  • To perform what you’ve learned out in Front of Te Oro, in a busking setting.
  • This is one of the most humbling environments that a musician can be in. If you feel uncomfortable performing in front of strangers, then this is the perfect setting to overcome that fear.
  • We’ll film the event and have the videos playing on the big screens at Te Oro and on our website and Socials


  • Learn to write and compose your own music using basic chord structures and scales
  • Learn all the elements that are involved in music production (band setting)
  • Learn vocal techniques, to improve your vocals.
  • Live performance
  • Learn how to Mic up a drum kit, guitar amp, bass amp.
  • Difference between D.I (direct input) and Mic’d or amplified.
  • Vocal techniques to improve vocal sound when singing live.