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Growing up as a young musician in a successful band I had many pathways available to me, some good, some not so good.  I didn’t always make good choices but I was fortunate enough to have certain adult role models in the early years of my life who stood out with wise words and actions.  When I reflect back through those years I can see where wisdom and support could have redirected me.  The power of these experiences have become the driving force behind the The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa (CTOA) to provide a supported pathway for the youth to realise themselves and their dreams.

The CTOA is a vehicle which allows us to develop our young people from a heart space. I truly believe that if we ensure their happiness, safety, well being and value sets are cared for, their pathways will be chosen with more clarity and thoughtfulness.

I believe a real outcome of the trust is that our young people know that we love them irrespective of their past or present situations.  We are here to support and nurture them and create a positive future. The CTOA works alongside local communities and collaborates with many organisations to grow together from this shared heart space.

The modalities we use to creatively express who we are, are powerful mediums. Cultural and personal identify are keystones of exploration for our youth and we are privileged to be part of a community that recognises this.  The CTOA facilitates these creative doors for the youth and offer pathways to further expand confidently into employment, training and education. As music, film, photography, communications, media and Radio are our “hooks” that keep our young people actively engaged, it is the journey that is important to us.


The CTOA prides itself on the ongoing support we provide our youth within a framework that values a safe place for all youth as family and community.
I look forward to working with you now and in the future. Welcome.

Marcus Powell


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