Janice Spearitt – Music Teacher, Liston College

“Our connection with the Crescendo trust has provided opportunities for my students that I never would have been able to pay for out of my small Music Department budget and that my students would never have been able to pay for either as we are a Decile 5 school. For them to have had the opportunity of working with a musician who is in the music industry and has real life experience was truly a gift.”

Mel Bailey a.k.a Kloos – Mentee

“As a young person living in West Auckland, knowing that I am supported in my vision to create makes me feel as if I belong, that I have a role to play in the bigger picture which is bettering our communities. I value creative freedom and there aren’t many platforms that honour the need for an artist to be 100% themselves…there seems to always be a catch but with Crescendo there’s none of that and I couldn’t be more thankful.”

BJ Tunks – Parent

“From what we have seen, our kids have become leaders in their particular areas through working with The Crescendo Trust”

Point Research

CTOA’s programmes were considered to be both structured and flexible to allow for young people’s interests. The mentors are seen to be skilled at working with a wide range of young people, including young people who have survived adversity in their lives and lack self-belief and self worth.