APRA AMCOS Music Grants - YELLOW horiz leftAPRA is one of many performing right societies that operate around the world.  To confirm, APRA’s role is to monitor the performances and broadcasts of compositions, and to distribute royalties to songwriters and composers.  To do this, APRA will license broadcasters and music users, who pay them licence fees and they also receive information regarding the music performed or broadcast.  APRA receives the majority of the information from the licensees, with other information provided directly from their members, with the two key areas of self-reporting being for live performances and jingles.  The details that APRA directly administers are for performances and broadcasts of all works within Australasia, and APRA NZ will directly license music users and broadcasters within New Zealand.

Also, APRA licences worldwide music within APRA’s territory, which is New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.  Through our affiliation to the overseas societies, overseas performances of works by APRA members, will be monitored by the society where the performance or broadcast has taken place.  In general, if royalties are payable from the overseas airplay, they will generally be received around 12-18 months after the broadcasts.

If you are a songwriter or composer and your music is being performed live or broadcast, then you should consider becoming a member of APRA.  The easiest way is to complete the online application form, via the APRA website (click here for the form).  For more information about APRA membership, click here; or contact the APRA NZ office.


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NZ on Air – Funding

Online Applications for the NZ On Air

music funding scheme.

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Application closing dates:

  • 5pm Sunday 1 April
  • 5pm Tuesday 1 May
  • 5pm Friday 1 June


NZ Music Commission

The NZ Music Commission is an organisation with a national reach that is funded primarily through Vote: Arts, Culture and Heritage. It is an independant charitable trust registered under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 and based in Auckland. It’s full name is the NZ Music Industry Music Commission Te Reo Reka o Aotearoa.



The Audience

theaudience.co.nz is wholly New Zealand owned and operated. They are part of the Amplifier family which includes amplifier.co.nz and Digital Rights Management NZ Ltd.  They are not some large organisation but a collection of people who are supporters of New Zealand music. They operate with New Zealand artists in a spirit of partnership and their aim is to help spread New Zealand music to as many ears as possible.