Anabac – Reignite That Flame

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1. Anabac tease

AnabacPressAnabac are a band of brothers who share a passion of music.

John Patrick Cabana (21), John Lawrence Cabana (19) and John Raymond Cabana (16) formed Anabac during the first season of The X Factor New Zealand in 2013 and made it through to the top 24.

The brothers follow many styles of music and incorporate that diversity into their singing. They also play a range of instruments including piano, guitar and drums.

Their musical talent and expertise has grown dramatically over the past year. Following their X Factor experience, the band is now under the guidance of Marcus Powell, CEO of The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa.

CTOA has helped Anabac with the next stage of their musical dream – production of a music video for their first single “Reignite That Flame”.

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