About Us:

WHAT we do:

The Crescendo Trust of Aotearoa (CTOA) provides a programme for young people that
supports young people to succeed.
We are particularly passionate about helping youth who feel disengaged or stuck in a
situation they can’t see a way past.
Our programme can deliver 22 NCEA credits for high school students.

HOW we do it:

We use music, film/photography, media and communication, to nurture, empower
and give lifelong skills to young people.
We do this through mentoring, personal development, and training.

WHY we do it:

We are passionate about helping young people, especially with the power of music.
We believe in empowering and developing New Zealand’s most vulnerable young
people to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

WHO we work with:

Young people come to us from lots of different places – but mainly from schools in East,
West and South Auckland.
We also work with other youth providers (including government agencies and not-for-
profits) who all feed the appropriate youth into our programme.